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At times fearlessly oblique, and often intentionally challenging, on Fix History the experimental pop / post-classical duo craft music at turns intimate and grandiose. The rough-edged shag of found sounds - pioneered by the musique concrète movement and carried forward by German industrial pioneers Einsturzende Neubauten (particularly the expansive minimalism vs abrasive noise esthetic of the early Strategies Against Architecture period) - is balanced by a twisted, precise elegance that simmers and slithers underneath. Gaze into the sonic mudslide long enough and you’ll catch flecks of melodic geodes glinting within the pile of rubble, hinting at a hidden beauty waiting patiently to be discovered.  

Characterized by the unorthodox use of electric stringed instruments, live loop manipulation, and textural rhythmic washes, Erin Murphy (guitar, violin, vocals) and Greg Bortnichak (cello, programming, vocals) have been building a reputation for relentless touring and merciless live performances since the 2014 release of their debut LP Knives In The Hope Chest.  

Fix History (WKR 003) is a fully immersive listening experience that runs the gauntlet of human emotion. Bortnichak writes: “This record is a meditation on the active construction of truth; how that works, who it empowers, and who it oppresses. The title is not a call for heroism, but for conscientious reflection on and formation of the narratives we embrace and disseminate in everyday life. It is a call to question not only where you fit in in the big picture, but how and where you wish to actively mark the canvas itself.”  

"Between  the unconventional instrumentation and angular compositions their music  sounds like musique concrète run through the ’90s Pacific Northwest  experimental hardcore scene.” 

     - Entertainment Weekly

“They really blew my fucking mind...chamber-ish music with a punk-rock fury”

     - Baltimore City Paper

"They  are able to deliver a unique sound that is at times reminiscent of  electronic artists like The Xx, but with an edgier,  industrial-meets-orchestral vibe.” 

     - Culture Collide

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Joey Sprinkles

Joey Sprinkles is like a love child of Lookout Records and K Records that was conceived on the floor of an electronics repair shop. Touring incessantly since his debut release of "Bubble Guts" (Mirror Universe Tapes. 2016), 2017 saw two releases from Joey, "30 Minute Improvisational Demonstration" (Future Boy Recording Co.), and "S/T" 7" (WKR 001). 2018 has already seen three releases, the "Dont Get Dead" EP (WKR 002), "Chairman Gloom" 7" (WKR 004), and "Armageddon Forever: Selections From 2016-2018" cassette (WKR 005). Joey Sprinkles brings an off kilter one man performance that feels like a variety show that's been dropped on its head. Drifting in and out of damaged pop songs and stream-of-consciousness soundscapes, Joey puts the idea of pop stardom into a 21st century meat grinder, wrought with technological disconnect and disillusion. 

"Relentlessly infectious power pop from Ohio" - Clash Magazine

"The Cleveland native blends garage rock, punk and synth to create a stunning project" - New Noise Magazine

"Brings on an upbeat feel to a more depressing topic" - IMPOSE 


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