%*(^&^%$#@\\\\\\  A true alternative culture of music and free thought.

            Cultivated from the dirt and nourished in the clouds. Established 2017 ((%^$#@###

Wild Klamath Records

Like wild honey from the teeth of a black bear, Wild Klamath Records exists as the harmony between the savage and the sweet. Fueled by sweat and driven by thirst, we've made our own living since 2017. We like music just as we like our mountain ranges; fresh, wild, and dangerous. We till the underground as garden tenders, bohemian defenders, and repeat offenders. We smoke grass on motorcycles and get pumped on chemtrails. We find the knives in literature and the knaves in litany. Our river runs from the cities to the cell, from the mountains to the motorways, from the suburbs to the shore. Wild Klamath Records: Growing through music. 




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